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    Why healing for your heart?

    07.06.14 - posted by Amilliah Kenya

    Deep within the heart of every true Christian is a hunger to please his Master. The child of God may slide, slip, or even fall. This does not mean that his relationship with God is severed completely. God mends broken hearts. He heals bleeding hearts. He also puts shuttered pieces together and molds vessels that are profitable both to Him and the world.

    On the other hand, spiritual warfare is a reality that faces Christians today. Our daily walk with the Lord and fight with Satan affects every aspect of our life: our personal victory, the state of our families, our interaction with the world around us, and our ultimate service and performance on earth. Every Christian finds himself harassed and under the relentless hand of the enemy.

    The enemy enjoys seeing spiritual casualties. Given a chance, Satan will ensure that God’s children compromise and live cold or lukewarm lifestyles that are ineffective. Remember, he walks around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. His desire is to sift each one of us like wheat so we are unable to live victorious Christian lives. This is one way he hinders the work of God.

    This website focuses on the deep cry—the inner hunger that desires to please and serve God. Nobody is born a natural spiritual fighter. Like any army which recruits soldiers and trains them before releasing them to the battle field, the Christian soldier likewise has to be trained. His training is crucial knowing that the enemy he is fighting does not give him a chance to train before launching his attacks.

    Our focus is for you to draw close to God. Our desire is for your heart to be healed from the damage the enemy may have done. We would like to see you stand effectively and be the salt and light of the world— a vessel trained and equipped by God to stand for Him and do His work in the 21st Century.

    Welcome to healing for the heart.